Work Study Job Description

Photo Area Assistant 2019-43

Department: Art


8 hours per week, varying

Description of Duties

Help keep Photography facilities functioning smoothly, routinely clean up after students, put away tools and supplies, routinely check to see that equipment is working properly. As your knowledge, skill-set and my ability to train you permit, you will also help in maintenance and the repair/replacement of equipment. This is where if a student has a background in photography or has worked in that field, it would be beneficial. The work study student will also be checking inventory of items that have to be replenished in a timely manner. At times they will collect materials for class presentations such as finding and downloading images from the web or taking copy photos from books and working with them. A student of photography would do this with less Supervision and gain from becoming familiar with the work of many different kinds of Artists


Traci Greening