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Job Description

Campus Safety

Campus Safety Officer (#546)


40 hrs. per wk., 52 wks. per yr. 12:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Summary of Duties

Enhance the quality of life on campus by working cooperatively with the University Community to preserve the peace, reduce fear, provide for a safe environment, preserve human life, maintain human rights, protect property, provide individual responsibility and fulfill community commitments.  

Major Duty/Goal #1:

To ensure safety on campus and protect University property: During the course of duties, report any unsafe conditions and respond promptly and professionally to all emergency and non-emergency situations. 

Major Duty/Goal #2:

Responsible for the good order of campus: Make frequent patrols of campus looking for anything out of the ordinary and respond appropriately. 

Major Duty/Goal #3:

Conduct him/herself in a manner in which would reflect favorably on the University and the Department: To deal with members of the University Community and the public in a respectful manner. To keep abreast of daily changes and directives within the Campus Safety.



High School Diploma.

Work Experience Requirements

Two years of experience working in the Security Field.

Special Qualifications

Must possess a valid driver’s license, valid CPR and First Aid certifications.  Must be willing to complete Certified Protection Officer Course administered by the International Foundation for Protection Officers, and participate in training programs offered by the Campus Safety Department.

Essential Elements

Protection and security of the campus.  Attempt to provide personal safety for members of the University community. Enforcement of University rules and regulations. Reporting of hazardous and unsafe conditions regarding property and equipment.

Other Elements

Individual is responsible for the good order of his or her post assigned. He/she shall at all times be able to inform supervisors of the conditions of his/her post. He/she shall strive to know all areas of campus and become acquainted with students/employees.

Physical Demands

Must be able to patrol the campus. This includes but is not limited to walking, standing, running, climbing, lifting, carrying and using all senses.  It is paramount the individual must be able to communicate effectively with people.

Safety Issues/Working Conditions: Must be ready and able to act as a first responder in a variety of emergency situations, including medical emergencies and provide safety for members of the University community. When the situation dictates contact outside emergency resources and assist in the performance of duties. 

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