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Job Description

Cashier's Office

Cashier Assistant (#459)


8:30 A.M - 4:30 P.M., Monday - Friday

Summary of Duties

  • Updates and maintains accounts by applying payments, adjustments, etc. to student accounts, other accounts, and non-a/r accounts.
  • Prepares letters, statements, or invoices to students, outside agencies, and employers.
  • Analyzes accounts to answer questions for students, staff, parents, outside organizations, and Marywood departments.
  • Runs daily reports for Colleague, Marywood Report Server, Touchnet, Lumens, USA Epay, Freedom Pay, and Elavon.
  • Balances daily cash to the daily reports and processes deposits.
  • Services customer's at the Cashier's Office window with cashing checks, making change, and handing out petty cash, paychecks, and refunds. 
  • Manages the Petty Cash Drawer.
  • Has the ability to count large amounts of cash.
  • Responsible for monthly reporting of the Perkins Loan program. 
  • Reviews reports from the billing agent, checks the accuracy of refunds, payments, cancellations, deferments, etc.
  • Contacts delinquent borrowers and assists them in completing required paperwork for hardships, deferments, temporary payment agreements, bankruptcies, and disabilities. 
  • Prepares defaulted accounts for acceleration and referral to collection agencies, or assigns accounts to the Federal Government.
  • Becomes familiar with the Department of Education regulations, in order to comply with federal guidelines and due diligence.
  • Picks up, opens, sorts, and processes mail.
  • Orders office supplies.
  • Assists the Student Account Associates as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Educational:

    Associates degree in Accounting is preferred, or other business acumen. 

  • Work Experience Requirements:

    At least three years of related experience. Experience with PC's, Word, and Excel. Experience in handling money and in collections is helpful.

  • Special Qualifications:

    Proficient with PC, business software calculator, excellent customer service skills as well as writing, communication, and math/accounting skills. 

  • Essential Elements:

    Familiar with generally accepted accounting principles, collection practices, business office routines. Ability to analyze and record transactions. 

  • Other Elements:

    Assists other office staff as needed. Responds to requests for information from students, parents, or other Marywood departments. Answers phones. Does filing. Works at Grad Finale and Orientation. 

  • Physical Demands:

    • Sitting 60%
    • Filing and retrieving files 10%
    • Walking between offices and buildings or up to Cashier's window 10%
    • Standing at the Cashier's window 20%
    • Ability to lift binders or stacks of paper reports and small office equipment, generally not more than 10 pounds.
    • Stooping, bending, or climbing a stepladder to retrieve files, etc.

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