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Job Description


Courier (#604)

Summary of Duties

Courier picks up mail at U.S. Post Office on Stafford Avenue, Scranton. Transport mail back to Marywood Post Office and sort. After mail is sorted, pack up the campus vehicle and deliver mail around campus. Pick up any outgoing mail from each stop and return it to Post Office. Pick up the deposit from the Cashier's Office and take it to Fidelity Bank. Return to Post Office and load the vehicle with UPS and FedEx. Deliver packages around campus. Go back to Fidelity Bank to pick up the deposit bag and return it to the Cashier's Office. Place sorted student mail into the appropriate mailboxes at Post Office.



High School Diploma or equivalent. Must have the ability to read and write, and the ability to comprehend written and oral instructions.

Special Qualifications

Must have a valid Pennsylvania driver's license.

Physical Demands

Must be able to lift 50 lbs. 

Marywood University is committed to being an equitable and inclusive workplace, and we encourage applicants who share our vision to apply. EEO/AA employer.
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