Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

The Marywood Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Program provides direction and consultation to the University in an effort to provide a safe campus and workplace, while complying with Environmental and Occupational Safety regulations. EHS assists the University in its commitment to employee safety and environmental protection through expert guidance, uses of best industry practices, and employee involvement. The foundation of the EHS Program is the Workplace Safety Committee, which involves representatives from across campus that meet routinely to discuss safety concerns and provide recommendations to prevent accidents and promote safety.

EHS Documents (requires Marywood email)

Report a Safety Concern

Current Members:

  • Mr, Myron Marcinek - Chair
  • Ms. Patricia Trapper - Secretary
  • Ms. Molly Baron
  • Dr. Deanne Dulik Garver
  • Ms. Nancy Gibbons
  • Ms. Eileen Joyce
  • Mr. Kevin Kuna
  • Ms. Maura Smith
  • Mr. Martin O'Connor
  • Dr. Kerimcan Ozcan
  • Mr. Michael Pasqualicchio
  • Ms. Mary Reggie
  • Dr. Theresa Tulaney
  • Ms. Deborah Wardach
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