Education: Social Studies 7-12 Certification

Are you interested in politics?
Would you like to teach individuals about citizens' rights, government, and history?

Marywood's Social Studies Secondary Education program will prepare you to provide secondary school students with effective instruction in history and the other social sciences.

Our program will help you acquire command of the basic principles and content of these areas. You'll learn to assist students in the development of critical thinking, collaborative skills, appreciation for the riches of human diversity, and a knowledge base in the social sciences appropriate for secondary students. You'll hone your skills in curriculum and lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment through methods classes and a series of field experiences culminating in a semester of student teaching.

Specialty Courses

SOC 211 Introductory Sociology 3
SOC 218 Anthropology 3
ECON 100 Basic Economics 3
PS 210 American Government and Politics 3
PS 211 State & Local Government 3
GEOG 210 Principles of Geography 3
HIST 100 Roots of the Modern World 3
HIST 101 Global History of the 21st Century 3
HIST 105 Ethnicity & Diversity in the Modern World 3
HIST 125 Ancient and Medieval World History 3
HIST 252 U.S. History to 1865 3
HIST 253 U.S. History since 1865 3
HIST --- Modern Europe 3
HIST --- Modern Developing World 3
HIST --- Modern America 3
SSCI 411 Curriculum & Methods in Secondary social Studies 3

Professional Education Requirements

EDUC 000 Field Experience ongoing
EDUC 005D* Practicum 1
EDUC 102 Digital Technology/Communications in Education 3
PSYC 252 Psychology of the Adolescent 3
EDUC 311* Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 411A* Effective Instruction in Secondary and K-12 Education 3
EDUC 414* Social Foundations 3
SPED 100 Characteristics of Students with Disabilities 3
SPED 300* Curriculum Adaptations (taken w/ student teaching) 3
SPED 367* Behavior and Classroom Management 3
EDUC 461* Methods, Materials and Assessment of ELL 3
EDUC 498B Special Topics in Student Teaching Seminar (taken w/ student teaching) 1
EDUC 442 Student Teaching 8

*Requires screening for formal admission