A Tradition of Educating Educators

Teacher education has been a vital part of Marywood's tradition for more than 80 years. At Marywood, you will find a supportive faculty and first-rate facilities dedicated to your development as a teacher.

What distinguishes teacher education at Marywood University from any other college or university is summarized by our Conceptual Framework - principles that steer the curriculum and classroom fieldwork you will experience in your program:  

We believe that faculty and prospective educators should be liberally-educated professional persons who can effectively communicate with students, colleagues, and parents.  They model and hold themselves responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating instruction that promotes for all students:

  • mastery of a dynamic body of knowledge,
  • creativity,
  • problem solving,
  • active learning,
  • intellectual excitement,
  • lifelong reflective learning,
  • cooperation and collaboration,
  • responsible work habits,
  • wellness,
  • respect for and integration of individual, group, and cultural differences, and
  • civic responsibility for an interdependent and just world.

They strive to promote learning in a developmentally appropriate, technologically rich, and affirming environment.

The knowledge you gain in Marywood's program and put to use when you become a teacher will have a direct impact on the future.

When you graduate, you'll be prepared to live responsibly in an interdependent world.

Undergraduate Teacher Education Handbook

Teacher Certification Programs

Our wide-range of certification programs will prepare you to teach in a variety of educational settings, from pre-kindergarten to high school.