Teacher Certification Programs

Marywood's highly esteemed programs provide coursework and fieldwork to prepare you to teach in a variety of educational settings, from pre-kindergarten to high school, as well as reciprocity with most states. Candidates accepted into the program choose from a wide-range of certification programs leading to a Bachelor's Degree and single subject area certification or dual certification in Special Education & Early Childhood Education. You may also pursue a five-year, Bachelor's to Master's program with triple certification in Early Childhood PreK-4, Special Education PreK-8, and Reading Specialist K-12.

A Tradition of Educating Educators

Teacher education has been a vital part of Marywood's tradition for more than 80 years. At Marywood, you will find a supportive faculty and first-rate facilities dedicated to your development as a teacher.

What distinguishes teacher education at Marywood University from any other college or university is summarized by our Conceptual Framework - principles that steer the curriculum and classroom fieldwork you will experience in your program:  

We believe that faculty and prospective educators should be liberally-educated professional persons who can effectively communicate with students, colleagues, and parents.  They model and hold themselves responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating instruction that promotes for all students:

  • mastery of a dynamic body of knowledge,
  • creativity,
  • problem solving,
  • active learning,
  • intellectual excitement,
  • lifelong reflective learning,
  • cooperation and collaboration,
  • responsible work habits,
  • wellness,
  • respect for and integration of individual, group, and cultural differences, and
  • civic responsibility for an interdependent and just world.

They strive to promote learning in a developmentally appropriate, technologically rich, and affirming environment.

The knowledge you gain in Marywood's program and put to use when you become a teacher will have a direct impact on the future. When you graduate, you'll be prepared to live responsibly in an interdependent world.

Undergraduate Teacher Education Handbook

Minor in Education

For a great introduction to teaching, a minor in Education may be just right for you! And, if you are considering pursuing a teacher-preparation program after your Bachelor's Degree, credits earned can be used for advanced standing in Marywood's post-bac certification programs. Regardless of the career path you are on, the undergraduate Education minor adds knowledge and skills that give an advantage in teaching and leadership roles in many fields - ranging from the health and human services, the arts, criminal justice, social services, business and industry, technology, the non-profit sector, religious organizations and psychology, among others.

Courses of Study for Minor in Education

  • EDUC 000 Field Experience Seminar (0)
  • PSYC 251 or 252 Developmental or Adolescent Psychology (3)
  • EDUC 00_ Field Experience (0) (20 hours first-hand observation experience in a classroom)
  • SPED 100 Characteristics of Impaired Learners (3)
  • EDUC 00_ Field Experience (0) (20 hours)
  • EDUC 414 Social Foundations of Education (3)
  • RED 426/526* Teaching Content Area Reading (3)
  • EDUC 461/561* Materials, Methods, Assessment for English Language Learners (3)
  • SPED 300/511* Curriculum Adaptations (3)

*Students planning to continue on for the Master of Arts in Teaching Degree should schedule the 500-level courses in their senior year to receive advanced standing.