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Education Department: Faculty Accomplishments

Kerri J. Tobin, Ph.D.

Dr. Kerri Tobin’s Newest Publications

  • Tobin, K. and Murphy, J. (2013). Addressing the problems of homeless children. Journal of Applied Research on Children.

Dr. Kerri Tobin presented:

  • Tobin, K. (2013) Responding to the global financial crisis: Supporting students experiencing homelessness. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the New DEEL, Philadelphia, PA, May 2013.
  • Bower, C. and Tobin, K. (2013) Social policy and the achievement gap: An international perspective. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society, New Orleans, LA, April 2013.

Joseph A. Polizzi, Ph.D.

Dr. Polizzi has recently published the following:

  • Polizzi, J.A. & San Clementi E. (2013 ) Films for a New Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership: Documentaries for use in the Educational Leadership Classroom” Journal of School Leadership, 23, 3.


  • Polizzi, J., Vitone, J. & Pichaske, K.   Documentary Photography and Documentary Films as Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Learning-35th Annual Fulbright Alumni Association Conference-Washington, DC  October 4, 2013
  • Polizzi J., Frick, W. Verisimilitude, Epistiphilia, Agnotology, Propaganda and Ethics and  Documentary Film in the Education Curriculum-18th Annual Values and Ethics Conference-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma September 30, 2013
  • Polizzi, J. Perry-Giblin, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Open Educational Resource (OER) and GNU/LINUX  usage in Public School Districts in NEPA: financial, ethical and policy considerations. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma September 30, 2013
  • Polizzi, J.A. Moral Visions-Where I Work-9th Annual Moral Literacy Colloquium, Rock Ethics Institute-The Pennsylvania State University. State College, PA. April 13&14, 2013 (invited)
  • Polizzi, J.APerry-Giblin, A. (2013) Free and Open Source (FOSS) Open Educational Resource, (OER) GNU/LINUX usage in Public School Districts in North East Pennsylvania:Financial, Ethical and Policy Considerations. 6th Annual New DEEL Conference, Temple University,  May 3 & 4 2013

Tonya Saddler, Ph.D.

Dr. Saddler's recent scholarly works:

  • Saddler, T. N. & Kelly, E. (2013). Black Doctoral Students Intersections: Issues of
    Race, Class, and Gender. In T. L. Strayhorn (Ed.), Living at the Intersections: Social Identities and Black Collegians. Information Age Publishing. 


Professional Papers & Presentations:

  • Barone-Pricci, E., Salvaterra, M., & Saddler, T.N. (2013, April). Impact of College Student Perceptions of the Learning Environment on Decisions to Engage in Academic Dishonesty. Paper presented (in a poster format) at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.
  • Saddler, T. N., Omole, T., & Thompson, T. (2013, October). Socialization Through Internship: An examination of Graduate and Doctoral Students in Higher EducationAdministration. Paper presented at the 2013 Pennsylvania College Personnel Association (PCPA) Annual Conference, Mechanicsburg, PA.
  • Valis, J., & Saddler, T.N. (2013, March). Socialization in Higher Education through the Internship Experience. Paper presented (in a poster format) at the 2013 ACPA Annual Convention, Las Vegas, NV.


Professional Talks:

  • Saddler, T. N. (2013). A Class Divided, PBS Frontline documentary. Guest Speaker (post film remarks) delivered at The University of Scranton, Scranton, PA.

Tammy B.H. Brown, Ph.D.


  • Brown, T.B.H. & DeMatteo, F.J.D. (2013). “Exploring changes in reader self-perceptions following culturally responsive literacy instruction”; Roundtable session at Literacy Research Association (LRA) Annual Conference, Dallas, TX (December 2013).
  • Brown, T.B.H. (2013). “Students achieving success and inspiring excellence: A university, school, and community partnership”; Conversation session presented at the Teacher Education Division (TED) of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Annual Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (November 2013).
  • Brown, T.B.H., & DeMatteo, F.J.D. (2013) "Literacies for New Technologies: The Teachers' View. Presented at the Association of Teacher Educators Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA (February, 2013).
  • Brown, T.B.H. & DeMatteo, F.J.D. (2013).  “Teacher attitudes and aptitudes as they work to utilize digital texts and tools in a blended learning environment”; Paper presented at  Literacy Research Association (LRA) Annual Conference, Dallas, TX (December 2013).
  • Nash-Ditzel, S. & Brown, T.H.B. (under contract).  Digital Reading Logs (DRL): Using writing and technology to create a third space for academic literacy growth. In K. Pytash, R. Ferdig & T. Rasinski (Eds.), Technology and writing: New approaches to literacy.  Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree. 

Patricia S. Arter, Ed.D.

Conference Presentations:

  • DeMatteo, F.J., Arter, P.S., Campenni, E. & Brown, T. (2014, April). Cooperative teacher and university supervisor ratings: Comparing teacher candidates’ knowledge, skills and professional dispositions. Accepted for Presentation at American Education Research Association Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA (National).
  • Arter, P.S., DeMatteo, F.J., Williams, T., and Uppling, K. (2014, April). Transition: It Takes a Village. Accepted for Poster presentation at Council for Exceptional Children, Philadelphia, PA. (International).
  • Arter, P.S., DeMatteo, F.J., Williams, T., and Uppling, K. (2013, November). Transition: It Takes a Village. Presentation at the Teacher Education Division (TED) of Council for Exceptional Children, Fort Lauderdale, FL. (National).
  • Arter, P.S., DeMatteo, F.J., Williams, T., and Uppling, K. (2013, November). Bridging the Gap. Presentation at the Teacher Education Division (TED) of Council for Exceptional Children, Fort Lauderdale, FL. (National).
  • NASP, Seattle WA, Feb. 2013: Families of Students with Autism: A Resource Based Tranisition program


Director of the Students On-Campus Achieving Results (SOAR):

Kathryn Clauss, IHM, Ph.D.


  • Clauss, K.,Wakahiu, J., Salvaterra, M. (2013).  Using technology to educate women religious in Africa.American International Journal of Social Science, 2(6), 29 - 37.
  • Clauss, K., Ahmed, S. , & Salvaterra, M. (2013). The rise of Islamic schools in the United States.The Innovation Journal:The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 18,1, 1-13. 



  • Clauss, K., Ahmed, S., Salvaterra., (2014). The rise of Islamic schools in the United States. Presentation will take place at the 26th Annual Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference (EQRC), Las Vegas, NA February 10 – 11, 2014. 

Christine L. Fryer, Ed.D.


  • Gonzalez, M. & Fryer, C. (2012). From Our Classroom to their Classrooms: A community partnership toward quality early childhood intervention programming. Pennsylvania Teacher Educator.



  • Learning Center Basics. Presented at Student Pennsylvania State Education Association  Penn State, Pennsylvania (March, 2012)

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