Student Spotlight

"At Marywood, I feel like I am a member of a community that truly does value lifelong learning."

-Katie Schkolenko

Christine L. Fryer, Ed.D.


  • Gonzalez, M. & Fryer, C. (2012). From Our Classroom to their Classrooms: A community partnership toward quality early childhood intervention programming. Pennsylvania Teacher Educator.


  • Learning Center Basics. Presented at Student Pennsylvania State Education Association  Penn State, Pennsylvania (March, 2012)

Patricia S. Arter, Ed.D.

 Recent Publications: 

DeMatteo, F., & Arter, P.S.(2015). When job skills are not enough: Transitioning young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Electronic Journal of For Inclusive Education, 3,3. 

Recent Conference Presentations:

  • DeMatteo, F.J., Arter, P.S., Brown, T., &  Campenni, E. (2015, April). Comparing teacher candidates' knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions related to exceptional learners. Accepted for presentation at the International Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo, San Diego, CA. 
  • Arter, P.S., DeMatteo, F.J., Brown, T. & Szilagyi, V. (2014, October). Comparing teacher candidates' knowlege, skills and professional dispositions: Cooperative teacher and university supervisor ratings.Presented at the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators Teacher Education Assembly, Harrisburg, PA.   


    Tonya Saddler, Ph.D.

    Dr. Saddler's recent Publications:

      • Saddler, T. N. & Kelly, E. (2013). Black Doctoral Students Intersections: Issues of
        Race, Class, and Gender. In T. L. Strayhorn (Ed.), Living at the Intersections: Social Identities and Black Collegians. Information Age Publishing. 

       Professional Papers & Presentations:

      • Saddler, T.N. (2015, September). Developing Undergraduate Researchers: The Benefits of Socializing Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program Scholars to Research. Paper presented at the TRIO Research Symposium to be held at the Council for Opportunity in Education’s 34th Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA.  



          Tammy B.H. Brown, Ph.D.

          Recent Publications: 

          • Nash-Ditzel, S. & Brown, T.H.B. (2014). Digital Reading Logs (DRL): Using writing and technology to create a third space for academic literacy growth. In K. Pytash, R. Ferdig & T. Rasinski (Eds.), Technology and writing: New approaches to literacy. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree.



          • DeMatteo, F.J., Arter, P.S., Campenni, E. & Brown, T. (2015, April). Comparing teacher candidates’ knowledge, skills and professional dispositions related to exceptional learners. Presentation at Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo, San Diego, CA. (International).
          • DeMatteo, F.J., Arter, P.S., Campenni, E. & Brown, T. (2014, April). Cooperative teacher and university supervisor ratings: Comparing teacher candidates’ knowledge, skills and professional dispositions. Presentation at American Education Research Association Annual   Conference, Philadelphia, PA (National). 

          Joseph A. Polizzi, Ph.D.

          Dr. Polizzi has recently published the following:

          • Polizzi, J.A. (2015) Using the Arts to Make People Think and Remember Issues of Global Sustenance. In Gross, S. & Shapiro, J. Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership; reclaiming school reform. London and New York. Routledge


          • Polizzi, J. & Davis, R. Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership in Africa. 7th Annual New Deel Conference, Temple University April 1, 2015

          Kerri J. Tobin, Ph.D.

          Dr. Kerri Tobin’s Newest Publications

          • Tobin, K. (2014). Homelessness and academic achievement: Evidence from a large urban area. Urban Education. 
          • Murphy, J. and Tobin, K. (2014). Homelessness in the United States: An historical analysis. American Educational History Journal, 41 (2), 281-298/

          Dr. Kerri Tobin presented:

          • Tobin, K. (2015). Homelessness and Education. Presented at Assembly of the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators, Harrisburg, PA.