Alumni Spotlight

“Marywood University provided me with a strong, well-rounded education, that helped prepare me for life both in and out of the classroom. I will forever cherish the memories and friends that I made, and am truly grateful for all of the opportunities I had during my time at Marywood.”

-Elizabeth Dessoye

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2017 Kappa Delta Pi Inductions

Inductees in attendance at the ceremony on Friday, April 28, 2017.

Inductees welcomed on Wednesday, May 3, 2017.

This week, the Rho Pi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society in Education, welcomed 27 new members. Kappa Delta Pi recognizes those students committed to excellence in education and is designed to promote international fellowship among those dedicated to teaching in various levels of education.

Congratulations to the newest members: Lauren Baker, Samantha D. Barone, Daniella Marie Castellanos, James Thomas Chickson Jr., John Anthony Craunakis, Lindsey Crean, Tanya Davis, Linsey Dudock, Erin Duffy, Samantha Dunn, Lauren Gemma, Tiffany Marie Guzzo, Delaney N. Kane, Heather Michelle Kani, Melanie Ann Kobela, Emily Kotcho, Elaina Madden, Lauren Gail Farrell Monahan, Kaitlyn McDonnell, Mallory Mokay, MacKenzie Morcom, Gabriella Marie Nasi, Rebecca J. Noll, Nicole Anne Pizzola, Nicole Sinclair, Mariah Sinkevich, Bonnie Leeann Smith, Myranda I. Strada, Nicole Trapper, Kendra Ann Wuestling, and Dr. Patricia Arter.

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Sigma Pi Epsilon Delta Induction

2017 Sigma Pi Epsilon Delta Inductees

On April 28, 2017, the Marywood University chapter of Sigma Pi Epsilon Delta, the Special Education Honorary Fraternity, recognized 15 new members for their outstanding academic achievement and service in the area of special education.

Congratulations to the newest members of Sigma Pi Epsilon Delta: Corrin Deveraux, Marilyn Lasalandra, Erin Duffy, Bonnie Smith, Katelyn Grimes, Pia Creazzo, Kaitlyn McDonnell, Samantha Angst, Megan Gilroy, Myranda Strada, Madison Galanti, Kathryn Eckweiler, Brooke Ackerman, Samantha Barone and Katie Purcell!

Alternative Break Trip to Jamaica

"Traveling to Jamaica was a life changing opportunity. I was beyond blessed to have been able to work with the residents at Blessed Assurance. There was no limit to the amount of love, affection, joy, and laughter that came from this service trip. After working, talking, learning, laughing, walking, and playing with the residents of all ages I feel as though I have been forever blessed." -Brooke Ackerman

Marywood Students take Alternative Break Trip to Jamaica

Anna Boginski with children in Jamaica.

Brooke Ackerman working with a child with multiple disabilities.

Marywood Education Program students Anna Boginski and Brooke Ackerman spent their spring break working with Mustard Seed Communities at Blessed Assurance in Jamaica - a home for children with multiple disabilities. 

Anna Boginski is an Undergraduate student working on a BS in early childhood with certifications in  sped pk-8 and early childhood pk-4 and Brooke Ackerman, also an undergraduate student, is  working on a BS in Elementary Ed with certifications in SPED pk-8/  middle level science and social studies 4-8 and early childhood Pk-4.

Student Ambassadors Named for Education Department

The Education Department has selected participants for the 2015-16 Student Ambassador Program, which provides opportunities for student-directed volunteer support both for the Education Department and for Marywood University.
Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as Ambassadors: Brooke Ackerman, Samantha Barone, Jim Chickson, Katie Chowanec, Lindsey Crean, Pia Creazzo, Erin Fusco, Rebecca Icker, and Samantha Scott.
Student Ambassadors are students in good academic standing who are willing to support the Education Department's goals. Ambassadors will act as a contact person, guide, and mentor for prospective students to Marywood's Education Department, and they will assist with social media efforts.

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