Principal Certification

The Principal Certification will help you develop the administrative and interpersonal skills needed by practicing and future leaders in education. Courses and other learning experiences are deeply grounded in the principles of public and non-public school thought and practice.

Internships are individualized, based on your needs and interests. The Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) standards support the courses and internship.

This program is for those who are seeking a K-12 principal certificate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but do not wish to receive the Master of Science degree.

24 semester hours

EDUC 545 Administrative Theory for School Leaders 3
EDUC 547 Curriculum Planning for Schools 3
EDUC 548 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction 3
EDUC 549 Law and the School 3
EDUC 551 School Finances 3
EDUC 593 Administrative Internship (Fall Semester) 3
EDUC 593 Administrative Internship (Spring Semester) 0