Education: Pupil Personnel Supervisor Certification

Pupil Personnel Supervisor

The Pupil Personnel Supervisor Certification will endorse an individual as a district-wide specialist in the comprehensive pupil personnel services field (school psychology, school counseling, school health, school social work services) as supportive of the instructional process in a school district. Candidates for this post-master's certification must complete a minimum of 18 semester hours in the following areas, plus an internship:

EDUC 501 Research Theory 3
PSY 561 Psychological Testing 3
EDUC 545 Administrative Theory 3
EDUC 547 Curriculum Planning 3
EDUC 548 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction 3
EDUC 549 School Law 3
EDUC 604 School, Community and Public Relations 3
EDUC 605 Communication Theory and Organizational Dynamics 3
S ED 523 Programming for At-Risk Infant/Preschool Child 3
EDUC 596 Supervisory Internship 3

PA Department of Education Issuance of the Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services certificate requires a minimum of five years professional school experience in a pupil personnel service area.