Education Department: Music K-12 Certification

Do you have a love for music? Have you considered sharing this love for music?

Our music certification program provides professional musical training and pedagogical instruction to prepare you to work in elementary and high school settings. Courses emphasize pedagogical/musical skills, curricular development, and assessment.

Music education majors are eligible for Pennsylvania teacher certification in music PK-12 (vocal/general and instrumental), Professional memberships available through the National Association for Music Education (MENC) and the Pennsylvania Music Education Association (PMEA).

Teacher certification requires a minimum GPA of 3.0, completion of student teaching experiences in elementary K-6 and secondary 7-12 placements, and passing of PRAXIS tests.

Required Program Courses

Musicianship and Performance (if not met previously)
MUSC 111A, B Written Theory I 4
MUSC 112 A,B Aural Skills I 2
MUSC 115 A,B Conducting I 2
MUSC 211 A,B Written Theory II 2
MUSC 212 A,B Aural Skills II 2
MUSC 213 A,B Keyboard Harmony 2
MUSC 309 Form and Analysis 3
MUSC 322, 323 History of Music I,II 3,3
MUSC 412 Orchestration 2
MUSC 419 Conducting II 1
MUSC 421 Introduction to World Music 1
MUSC xxx Applied Minor
MUSC xxx Ensemble
MUSC xxx Applied Major
Music Education Component
MUSC 118 Percussion Methods 2
MUSC 120 A,B Fundamentals of Vocal Technique 2
MUSC 215A Violin Methods 2
MUSC 215B Cello/Bass 2
MUSC 220A,B Vocal Pedagogy (for Vocal Music majors) 2
MUSC 303 A,B Woodwinds I,II 2
MUSC 311B Music in the Elementary School 2
MUSC 312 Music in the Secondary School 2
MUSC 315C Instrumental Lab 0
MUSC 315D High Brass 1
MUSC 315E Low Brass 1

Education Requirements




EDUC 000 Field Experience (minimum of 100 clock hours of observation and participation) 0
PSYC 514 Human Development 3
EDUC 502 Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education 3
SPED 507 Characteristics of Mildly Impaired Learner 3
EDUC 005E Practicum Block 1
EDUC 523 Seminar: Psychology of Education 3
EDUC 411A Effective Instruction Secondary/K-12 3
R ED 526 Teaching Content Area Reading 3
SPED 539 Behavior Management Approaches 3
EDUC 561 Methods, Materials and Assessment ESL 3
Varies Content Area Methods 3
SPED 511 Curriculum for Special Needs Learners (taken w/ student teaching) 3
EDUC 591 Student Teaching 1.5,1.5
EDUC 598B Special Topics in Student Teaching (Seminar) (Taken w/ student teaching) 3
EDUC 554* Learning Theories 3
EDUC 501* Research Theory 3

*Courses required for M.A.T. Degree.