Education: English 7-12 Certification

Do you love to read books?
Do you like to write?
Do you have a passion to share these interests with others?

Marywood has just what you're looking for! Our English/Secondary Education degree is a four-year program that offers a complete spectrum of courses in literature and writing, as well as courses in teaching. Courses offer current theory in composition, as well as actual practice in strategies of invention, drafting, revision, editing, and assessment of texts. The program encompasses a range of world literatures, genres, themes, and periods.

This degree also encompasses many courses to develop knowledge and skills needed for effective teaching, including field experience, educational psychology, behavioral and class management, curriculum adaptations, and student teaching. Courses provide theory as well as practical application of best practices in teaching middle school and high school students to read, understand, and connect a variety of texts.

Specialty Courses

ENGL 170 Introduction to Literary Studies 3
ENGL 180 Introduction to World Literature 3
ENGL 370 Shakespeare 3
ENGL 412 Methods of Teaching English 3
ENGL 310-329 1 course from Genre 3
ENGL 330-349 1 course from Theme 3
ENGL 350-359 1 course from American Period 3
ENGL 360-369 1 course from British Period 3
ENGL (varies) Any Upper-Level Writing Course 3
ENGL 400 Structure of Linguistics 3
Choose from 3 of the following 4 courses:
ENGL 357A American Literature I 3
ENGL 357 American Literature II 3
ENGL 360 British Literature I 3
ENGL 364 British Literature II 3

Education Requirements




EDUC 000 Field Experience (minimum of 100 clock hours of observation and participation) 0
PSYC 514 Human Development 3
EDUC 502 Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education 3
SPED 507 Characteristics of Mildly Impaired Learner 3
EDUC 005E Practicum Block 1
EDUC 523 Seminar: Psychology of Education 3
EDUC 411A Effective Instruction Secondary/K-12 3
R ED 526 Teaching Content Area Reading 3
SPED 539 Behavior Management Approaches 3
EDUC 561 Methods, Materials and Assessment ESL 3
Varies Content Area Methods 3
SPED 511 Curriculum for Special Needs Learners (taken w/ student teaching) 3
EDUC 591 Student Teaching 1.5,1.5
EDUC 598B Special Topics in Student Teaching (Seminar) (Taken w/ student teaching) 3
EDUC 554* Learning Theories 3
EDUC 501* Research Theory 3

*Courses required for M.A.T. Degree.