Five-Year Bachelor's to Master's Degree

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Two Degrees and Three Certifications

Are you interested in earning your Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in as little as 5 years? Marywood offers an exceptional program where students can earn both degrees in as little as 5 years with multiple certifications in the areas of Grades PreK-4, Special Education PreK-8, and Reading Specialist PreK-12. Successful students will have flexibility in choosing career opportunities and will be prepared to teach in a special education setting, or accept a teaching assignment in a regular early education placement, or as a building or district Reading Specialist. 

Typically, it takes students 4 years to earn their Bachelor's Degree, and then another 2-3 years to earn their Master's Degree. Additional time and energy are spent applying to graduate schools, filling out applications, obtaining letters of recommendation, and taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Marywood University's 5-year program in the School of Education ultimately saves students time and expenses by offering more coursework, fieldwork, and experience in a shorter amount of time. In addition to saving time and energy, students also do not have to take the GRE to be enrolled; the students easily transition from the undergraduate phase of study to the graduate phase, given that they maintain the appropriate grade point average and stay on track with courses.

Field experiences with university supervisors are provided throughout all five years. Our technologically advanced classrooms include iPads and Smartboards and Marywood's low student-teacher ratio provides a welcoming and supportive learning environment.

The triple-certification program offers opportunities for involvement in campus clubs, service learning, and leadership. as well as state and national professional organizations. In addition, there are opportunities to conduct research with faculty and present at state and national conferences.


Bachelor’s Degree Program Requirements


EDUC 00_    Field Experience 0
EDUC 102    Digital Technology/Communications in Education 3
EDUC 108    Intro to Early Childhood Ed 3
SPED 100    Characteristics of Stu w Disabilities 3
PSYC 251    Developmental Psychology 3
EDUC 300    ECE Curriculum I 3
EDUC 301    ECE Curriculum II 3
EDUC 004A/B  ECE Field Experience I & II .5/.5
EDUC 311    Educational Psychology 3
SPED 350     Assessment & Planning Young Children 3
SPED 350A   Practicum I (PreK-3) 1
SPED 352     Diagnostic & Prescriptive Teaching 3
SPED 352B   Practicum II (4-6) 1
SPED 362     Sec Programming & Career Ed 3
R ED 524A    Creative Teaching of Language Arts 4
BLOCK Courses: Block A

EDUC 005A   Practicum Block A 1
EDUC 420     Universal Design for Learning 3
EDUC 302     Child in the Family 3
EDUC 309H   Elementary C&I: Social Studies 3
R ED 530      Reading Disabilities & Diagnostics (1st 7 weeks of semester)
R ED 533      Remedial Techniques (2nd 7 weeks of semester)
SPED 400     Special Ed Law & Collaboration

BLOCK Courses: Block B

EDUC 005B   Practicum Block B 1
SPED 367     Behavior Management 3
EDUC 309F   Elementary C&I: Math 3
EDUC 309G   Elementary C&I: Science 3
R ED 526      Teaching content Area Reading 3
EDUC 461     Materials, Methods & Assessment for ELL 3

Student Teaching Semester

SPED 300     Curriculum Adaptations 3
EDUC 498B   Special Topics in Student Teaching 3
EDUC 442     Student Teaching 8
Additional Requirements:

Liberal Arts Core*
MATH 120     Mathematics in the Liberal Arts 3
BIOL 110/110L  Principles of Biology/Lab 4
SSCI 201      Intro to Social Sciences 3
ENGL 339     Children's Literature  3
*Requires MATH 130 be taken as part of the Liberal Arts Core

Master’s Degree Program Requirements

R ED 540     Practicum in Reading 3
R ED 542     Org of School Reading Programs 3
EDUC 502    Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education 3
EDUC 554    Contemporary Learning Theories 3
EDUC 501    Research Theory 3
R ED 555     Professional Contribution 0
R ED 546     Reading Specialist Internship 3