Education: Field Handbooks

Field Experience Handbook

Professional field experience is an ongoing part of the teacher education program. It begins in a candidate's first semester at Marywood University and culminates with the student teaching experience.

Field experience hours are an important and required component of the educational experience. This segment of the program is designed to provide the teacher candidate with first-hand experience in the "real world of classroom teaching" and is to be the foundation for the experiences as a teacher candidate.

Field Experience Undergraduate Handbook (PDF)
Field Experience Graduate Handbook (PDF)

Student Teacher Handbook

Sometimes, as a student teacher, we can get caught up in the excitement and forget the necessary steps to meet the PDE requirements and Marywood University's requirements. The Student Teacher Handbook is the student teacher's guide to remembering the necessary information required to complete these requirements.

Student Teacher Handbook (PDF)

Clinical Supervision Handbook

The purpose of clinical supervision is to create a learning climate in which the teacher candidate can attain the skills of teaching. The supervisor, using the clinical supervision approach, is able to supply data to the teacher candidate in a fair and equitable manner. The teacher candidate and supervisor jointly review and analyze the collected data, then develop an improvement plan.

The purpose of this handbook is to assist the supervisor in becoming comfortable with the clinical approach, which is designed to assist the teacher candidate in refining his/her teaching skills.

Clinical Supervision Handbook (PDF)

Supervising Teacher Handbook

The role of the university supervisor is a crucial one to the support and development of the teacher candidate. As a liaison between the University and the assigned school, the supervisor is responsible for monitoring teacher candidate progress with specific lessons and bi-weekly evaluation forms from the cooperating teacher, arranging the mid-quarter conference, communicating with the teacher candidate through the reflective log, evaluating the professional and instructional skills of the teacher candidate, and completing the state required PDE 430 evaluation form.

Supervising Teacher Handbook (PDF)

Cooperating Teacher Handbook

The role of the cooperating teacher is one of extreme importance in the school-university relationship. The cooperating teacher is not only responsible for the instruction of the pupils in the classroom but is also responsible for the continued development and evaluation of instructional and professional capabilities of the teacher candidate.

Cooperating Teacher Handbook (PDF)

Teacher Work Sample Manual

Successful teacher candidates support learning by designing a Teacher Work Sample that employs a range of strategies and builds on each student's strengths, needs, and prior experiences. Through this performance assessment, teacher candidates provide credible evidence of their ability to facilitate learning by meeting the TWS standards.

Teacher Work Sample Manual (PDF)