Education: Faculty & Staff

faculty and students in teaching classroom

Full-Time Faculty

Amy Paciej-Woodruff Headshot

Amy Paciej-Woodruff, Ph.D.

Director, School of Education; Assistant Professor, Higher Ed Administration

tammy brown sits at desk near computer

Tammy B.H. Brown, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Graduate Reading Program and ESL Program

Wendelin Brown, J.D.

Per-Annum Instructor, Special Education

Mark Murphy sitting at his desk

Mark P. Murphy, Ph.D.

School Leadership Academy Co-Director

Sandra Pesavento, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Early Childhood and Elementary Ed and School Leadership

Rebecca Sesky

Rebecca J. Sesky, M.S.

Certification Officer/Coordinator of Program Assessment

Linda S. Skierski, M.S.

Director of Professional Education Field Experience

Jay Starnes picture

Jay Starnes, Ed.D.

School Leadership Academy Co-Director

Dr. Rachael Stevens

Rachael L Stevens, Ph.D.

Per-Annum Instructor, Early Childhood and Elementary Ed

Part-time Adjunct Faculty

  • Dr. Jeffrey Attick
  • P. Terry Blaum
  • Dr. Tanya Carrelle
  • Jessica Casey
  • Emily Coleman
  • Meghan Cruciani
  • Ellen Cummings
  • Regina Fidiam
  • Dr. Candis M. Finan
  • Dr. Christine Fryer
  • Dr. Stanley Kania
  • Dr. Clay Lacoe
  • Dr. Yerodin Lucas
  • Bernice Lukus

  • Lisa Owens
  • Dr. Lia Palmiter
  • Dr. James Purcell
  • Donna Salva
  • Kristin Samsell
  • Holly Timlin
  • Jessica Trescavage
  • Christina Wilson