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joe polizzi portrait

Joseph A. Polizzi, Ph.D.
570-348-6211 ext 2497
McGowan 2018

Associate Professor of Education and Educational Leadership
PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2007.


Experiential and transformational learning, school leadership, small schools, preparation and professional development of new teachers.

Dr. Polizzi has recently published the following:

  • Polizzi, J.A. (2015) Using the Arts to Make People Think and Remember Issues of Global Sustenance. In Gross, S. & Shapiro, J. Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership; reclaiming school reform. London and New York. Routledge


  • Polizzi, J.A.  (2016) Understanding Suffering in Schools: Shining a light on the Dark Places of Education. 21st annual Values and Leadership Conference Consortium for the Study of School Leadership in Ethics in Education. Western University, London, Canada. October 2016
  • Polizzi, J.A. & Murphy, M. Redesigning a Principal Certification Project with a Foundational Emphasis on Ethical Decision Making. 20th Annual CSLEE Values and Leadership Conference, The Pennsylvania State University, October 17, 2015
    • Polizzi, J. & Davis, R. Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership in Africa. 7th Annual New Deel Conference, Temple University April 1, 2015