Full-Time Faculty

Joseph A. Polizzi, Ph.D.

570-348-6211 ext 2497 , McGowan 2018

Chairperson of Education Department Associate Professor of Education and Educational Leadership
PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2007.


Experiential and transformational learning, school leadership, small schools, preparation and professional development of new teachers.

Patricia S. Arter, Ed.D.

570-348-6211 ext 2511 , McGowan 2017

Associate Professor and Director of Students On-Campus Achieving Results (SOAR) program , 2011. 2005;
Ed.D., John Hopkins University, 2005.


Universal design for learning, curriculum adaptation for the special needs learner, transition for young adults with autism

Tammy B.H. Brown, Ph.D.

570-348-6211 ext 2407 , McGowan 2020

Associate Professor, Graduate Reading Department and ESL Program , 1998. Part-time lecturer 1998;
Ph.D., Rutgers University.


Sociocultural factors affecting literacy learning; beginning readers

Christine L. Fryer, Ed.D.

570-348-6211 ext 2138 , McGowan 2013

Assistant Professor, Education Department , 2007.
Ed.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2013.


Reflection of Student Teachers, Quality Early Childhood Programs & Curriculum, & Inquiry-Based Science Instruction

Michelle R. Gonzalez, Ph.D.

570-348-6211 ext. 2139 , McGowan 2019

Assistant Professor of Special Education , 2011.
Ph.D., Walden University, 2010.


Universal design for learning, assistive and instructional technology, eBooks, inclusive practices, struggling readers

Bernice P. Lukus

570-348-6211 ext. 2140 , McGowan 2016

Co-Chairperson of Education Department Clinical Instructor Special Education Program
M.S. Marywood College.


Special education leadership and supervision, student teacher dispositions

Frances E. Russell, I.H.M., Ph.D, C.M.F.C

570-348-6211 ext 2353 , McGowan 2005

Associate Professor of Education
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1980.


Literacy/reading, teacher education, mentoring, supervision of student teachers.

Tonya Saddler, Ph.D.

570-348-6211 ext 2318 , McGowan 2021

Assistant Professor of Education, 2009
Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2008.


Interests:Socialization of individuals in postsecondary education: doctoral students in Education and Engineering to faculty careers, graduate students to Higher Education Administration, undergraduates to research; Faculty work-life issues of underrepresented female, African American, and faculty in STEM fields

Kerri J. Tobin, Ph.D.

570-348-6211 ext. 2152 , McGowan 2008

Assistant Professor of Education , 2011.
Leadership and Policy Studies, Vanderbilt University, 2011.


Poverty and education, social policy, teacher preparation

Part-time Adjunct Faculty


  • Denise Bolcavage
  • Paul Blaum
  • Emily Coleman
  • Ellen Cummings
  • Hollie D'Agata
  • Ellen Dente
  • Elizabeth Dessoye
  • Gywneth Devendorf
  • Jane Helman
  • Mary Jane Hoffman
  • Janice Joyce
  • Rosann Moskel
  • Deborah Popson
  • John Risboskin
  • Donna Salva
  • Sr. Mary Salvaterra
  • Candice Shiffer
  • R. Jay Starnes
  • Kristen Strong
  • Anne Way



  • Amy Brostoski - Administrative Assistant
  • Barbara Castanzo - Field Office Secretary     
  • Rebecca Sesky - Certificaton Officer/Coordinator of Assessment
  • Linda Skierski - Director of Field Experience