McGowan CenterMcGowan Center

The McGowan Center for Graduate and Professional Studies is home to the Education Department. As an Education student, you can expect to spend most of your days here taking advantage of the Wi-Fi while dining in the Atrium Café, using the Quiet Study to look over notes for an exam, working on homework in the computer labs, or looking for materials for a lesson plan in the Curriculum Laboratory and Library. No matter what you are doing, you will find a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in the McGowan Center.


Curriculum Laboratory and Library

As an education student, you will often find yourself walking to our Curriculum Lab, located in room 1052 of the McGowan Center, to find materials for your lesson plans from our wide collection of K-12 textbooks.


Computer Laboratories

Forgot your laptop and have a paper to finish? Don't fret. All you have to do is walk to one of the computer labs in McGowan (available software). You can also find Assistive Technology such as Inspiration, Kurzweil, and WriteOutLoud.


quiet studyThe Quiet Study

Are you looking for a spot where you can concentrate and work quietly on your project? Are you are looking for a place to sit down, unwind, and read a good book? The Quiet Study is the perfect place for you. Here, you'll find a calm ambiance.



Where can you find a casual and comfortable place to meet your peers to discuss a project? Are you wondering where you can have some downtime? The answer is the Atrium in the McGowan Center. Here, you will find an easygoing and relaxed atmosphere.


The Atrium CaféThe Atrium Café

You and your friends' stomachs are growling. You're all hungry. Where do you go? Here's just the place: The Atrium Café, right on the Atrium. You can find a wide range of foods from soups to burgers. Need an extra pick-me-up? Stop by the Atrium Café for some Green Mountain Coffee. Delicious!



Wireless internet is available throughout the McGowan Center, so students can access the web from their laptops and mobile devices.


LRCLearning Resources Center

Need help looking-up information for a research paper? Need a book for a research project? Marywood's Learning Resources Center can help you. Here you'll find the library, group work spaces, public-use computers and the Technology Help Desk.