[stork]       New Arrivals!

2014-2015 Academic Year

                                     Focus On: Mathematics



Beyond the solar system: exploring galaxies, black holes, alien planets, and more (JUV 520.9 CAR)

Draw! (E COL)

Millions to measure (JUV 530.8 SCH)

Natural wonders of the world: converting distance measurements to metric units (JUV 530.812 ODO)

Pieces=part=portion: fractions=decimals=percents (JUV 513.26 GIF)

Rainbows never end and other fun facts (JUV 551.5 DIS)

Stardines swim high across the sky and other poems (JUV 811 PRE)

Super stars: the biggest, hottest, brightest, most explosive stars in the Milky Way (JUV 523.8 AGU)

The superstorm Hurricane Sandy (JUV 363.34 GRE)

What happens to a hamburger? (JUV 612.3 SHO)



Mighty times: the children's march (323.1196 M54C)

Starting small: teaching tolerance in preschool and the early grades (370.117 S92)

A time for justice: America's civil rights movement (323.1196 T56)



CTOPP-2: Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (428 CTOPP2)

GARS-3: Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (371.94 GARS3)

WRAT4: Wide Range Acheivement Test (371.26 WRAT4)



Base ten blocks starter set (513 BASE TEN BLOCKS)

Coins count! [game] (332.4 COINS COUNT)

Fraction/decimal tiles with tray (513.26 FRACTION/DECIMAL TILES)

Fractions-decimals-percents bingo (513.26 FRACTIONS BINGO)

Fraction dominoes: equals, equivalents, sums of one (513.26 FRACTION DOMINOES)

Hundred bBoards, grades K-4 (510 HUNDRED BOARD GK-4)

Learning math with calculators: activities for grades 3-8 (510.284 CALCULATORS G3-8)

Math activities with dominoes [grades K-8] (510 DOMINOES)

Math dash: multiplication/division [game] (513 MATH DASH)

Money math activities [grades 3-6] (332.4 MONEY MATH G3-6)

Multifactor: multiplication, factoring, prime factors [game] (513 MULTIFACTOR)

Relational geoSolids (516 GEOSOLIDS)

Tangram treasury, book C [grades 5-9] (516 TANGRAMS G5-9)

Telling time with the Judy Clock (529 JUDY CLOCK)

VersaTiles: fractions [grades 3-5] (513.26 VERSATILES FRACTIONS G3-5)

VersaTiles for number & operations: levels 1-3 (513 VERSATILES G1-3)

VersaTiles for number & operations: levels 3-5 (513 VERSATILES G3-5)

Working with the geoboard [grades 5-8] (516 GEOBOARDS G5-8)

Working with pentominoes [grades 4-8] (516 PENTOMINOES G4-8)

Working with two-color counters (510 TWO-COLOR COUNTERS)



The complete book of graphing (511.5 M26)

Developing data graph comprehension in grades K-8 (511.5 C98)

Differentiated instruction for the middle school math teacher: activities and strategies for an inclusive classroom (510.712 D26)

Differentiating math instruction K-8 (510.71 B36)

Implementing the Common Core State Standards through mathematical problem solving, grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 (510.71 F77, S24I, 510.712 G98)

Making math connections: using real-world applications with middle school students (510.712 H77)

Math wise! Over 100 hands-on activities that promote real math understanding, grades K-8 (510.71 O93)

Navigating through data analysis in grades 6-8 (519.5 N29)

Real-world math (513 R47)

United we solve! 116 math problems for groups, grades 5-10 (510.712 E85)