[stork]       New Arrivals!

2014-2015 Academic Year

                                     Focus On: Mathematics



13 planets: the latest view of the solar system (JUV 523.2 AGU)

A black hole is not a hole (JUV 523.8 DEC)

All about the weather (JUV 551.5 CLO)

Art is... (JUV 701 RAC)

Because they marched: the people's campaign for voting rights that changed America (JUV 323.1196 FRE)

Beyond the solar system: exploring galaxies, black holes, alien planets, and more (JUV 520.9 CAR)

Buried sunlight: how fossil fuels have changed the Earth (JUV 333.82 BAN)

Call me tree/Llamame arbol (E GON)

Circle, square, Moose (E BIN)

Deep in the Sahara (E CUN)

Dr. Seuss [13 titles] (E SEU)

Draw! (E COL)

The elements (JUV 546 GRE

Erosion (JUV 551.3 CAS)

Erosion: changing Earth's surface (JUV 551.3 KOO)

Every thing on it: poems and drawings (JUV 811.54 SIL)

Flash, crash, rumble, and roll (JUV 551.554 BRA)

Flight of the honey bee (JUV 595.799 HUB)

King for a day (E KHA)

Lightning, hurricanes, and blizzards: the science of storms (JUV 551.55 FLE)

Millions to measure (JUV 530.8 SCH)

Natural wonders of the world: converting distance measurements to metric units (JUV 530.812 ODO)

Nic Bishop snakes (JUV 597.96 BIS)

Ocean sunlight: how tiny plants feed the seas (JUV 571.4 BAN)

Pieces=part=portion: fractions=decimals=percents (JUV 513.26 GIF)

Rainbows never end and other fun facts (JUV 551.5 DIS)

Riddles and more riddles! (JUV 818 CER)

Shapes in the sky: a book about clouds (JUV 551.576)

Shimmer & splash: the sparkling world of sea life (JUV 591.77 ARN)

Stardines swim high across the sky and other poems (JUV 811 PRE)

Summer (E LOW)

Super stars: the biggest, hottest, brightest, most explosive stars in the Milky Way (JUV 523.8 AGU)

The superstorm Hurricane Sandy (JUV 363.34 GRE)

Tiny creatures: the world of microbes (JUV 579 DAV)

The very clumsy click beetle (E CAR)

The very quiet cricket (E CAR)

Weather projects for young scientists (JUV 551.5 CAR)

What happens to a hamburger? (JUV 612.3 SHO)

Winter bees & other poems of the cold (JUV 811 SID)



Mighty times: the children's march (323.1196 M54C)

Selma: the bridge to the ballot (323.1196 S36)

Starting small: teaching tolerance in preschool and the early grades (370.117 S92)

A time for justice: America's civil rights movement (323.1196 T56)



CTOPP-2: Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (428 CTOPP2)

Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale, third edition (372.21 ECERS-3)

Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale, revised edition (362.712 FCCERS)

GARS-3: Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (371.94 GARS3)

School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale, updated edition (362.7 SACERS)

WRAT4: Wide Range Acheivement Test (371.26 WRAT4)



The developing child [grades 9-12] (305.231 M24G9-12 2010)

Foundations of personal finance [grades 9-12] (332.024 G77G9-12 2014)

Geography: the human and physical world [grades 9-12] (910 M24G9-12 2015)

Glencoe algebra 1 [grades 8-12] (512 M24G8-12 2014)

Glencoe algebra 2 [grades 9-12] (512 M24G9-12 2014)

Glencoe geometry [grades 9-12] (516 M24G9-12 2014)

Holt environmental science [grades 9-12] (363.7 H76G9-12 2008)

Managing life skills [grades 9-12] (640 G63G9-12 2011)

McGraw-Hill Discovering world geography [grades 6-8] (910 M24G6-8 2014)

Scott Foresman art [grades 6,7,8] (707 P32)

Successful sewing [grades 6-12] (646 G77 G6-12)

United States government: principles in practice [grades 9-12] (320.4 H76G9-12 2012)

United States history and geography: modern times [grades 9-12] (973 M24G9-12 2014)



Base ten blocks starter set (513 BASE TEN BLOCKS)

Coins count! [game] (332.4 COINS COUNT)

Fraction/decimal tiles with tray (513.26 FRACTION/DECIMAL TILES)

Fractions-decimals-percents bingo (513.26 FRACTIONS BINGO)

Fraction dominoes: equals, equivalents, sums of one (513.26 FRACTION DOMINOES)

Hundred bBoards, grades K-4 (510 HUNDRED BOARD GK-4)

Learning math with calculators: activities for grades 3-8 (510.284 CALCULATORS G3-8)

Math activities with dominoes [grades K-8] (510 DOMINOES)

Math dash: multiplication/division [game] (513 MATH DASH)

Money math activities [grades 3-6] (332.4 MONEY MATH G3-6)

Multifactor: multiplication, factoring, prime factors [game] (513 MULTIFACTOR)

Relational geoSolids (516 GEOSOLIDS)

Tangram treasury, book C [grades 5-9] (516 TANGRAMS G5-9)

Telling time with the Judy Clock (529 JUDY CLOCK)

VersaTiles: fractions [grades 3-5] (513.26 VERSATILES FRACTIONS G3-5)

VersaTiles for number & operations: levels 1-3 (513 VERSATILES G1-3)

VersaTiles for number & operations: levels 3-5 (513 VERSATILES G3-5)

Working with the geoboard [grades 5-8] (516 GEOBOARDS G5-8)

Working with pentominoes [grades 4-8] (516 PENTOMINOES G4-8)

Working with two-color counters (510 TWO-COLOR COUNTERS)



Assessment for reading instruction, 2nd ed. (428.4 M25)

The complete book of graphing (511.5 M26)

Developing data graph comprehension in grades K-8 (511.5 C98)

Differentiated instruction for the middle school math teacher: activities and strategies for an inclusive classroom (510.712 D26)

Differentiating math instruction K-8 (510.71 B36)

Eyewitness to the past: strategies for teaching American history in grades 5-12 (973.071 S24)

Implementing the Common Core State Standards through mathematical problem solving, grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 (510.71 F77, S24I, 510.712 G98)

Making math connections: using real-world applications with middle school students (510.712 H77)

Math wise! Over 100 hands-on activities that promote real math understanding, grades K-8 (510.71 O93)

Navigating through data analysis in grades 6-8 (519.5 N29)

Praxis II reading specialist (5301) exam secrets study guide (REF 370 READING)

Praxis Core for dummies (REF 370 CORE)

Reading like a historian: teaching literacy in middle & high school history classrooms (973.071 W56)

Real-world math (513 R47)

United we solve! 116 math problems for groups, grades 5-10 (510.712 E85)

"Why won't you just tell us the answer?" teaching historical thinking in grades 7-12 (973.071 L38)