Curriculum Lab: Lesson Plan Template

Template Information

All education students at Marywood University are required to use the same form for doing lesson plans. The form, or template, is available for download from this page.

The template works best in Microsoft Word. If you experience any problems opening the file on your computer, please contact Marywood's computer help desk at 570-340-6070 or

If you have not used the lesson plan template before, check out the following links:

Narrated Lesson Plan Tutorial in PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Sample Lesson Plan (.PDF)


Important notes

  • When typing on the lesson plan template make sure that you TAB through the fields -- do not hit "enter" repeatedly.  You need to tab or click with your mouse into the next field if you want the lesson plan to print out correctly. Depending upon your computer, operating system, software, preferences, printer settings, etc., the appearance of this template may vary.


  • Each template is available in an .RTF or .DOC format. The ".doc" indicates that the template was created and saved in Microsoft Word and can be opened in Microsoft Word. The ".rtf" signifies that the template was created in Microsoft Word but saved as a "rich text format" to enable the file to open in word processing programs other than Microsoft Word. If you are using a word processor other than Microsoft Word you may want to try using the template labeled as .rtf.


  • DO NOT type your lesson directly into the template on the web page. Download the template to your hard drive or a flash drive first. If you type your lesson directly on the web page, your work will not be saved. Before typing any information into a template, be sure to save the template first.