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Especially useful for current issues:

Education Week

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Daily K-12 education news, delivered to your inbox, from ASCD.

General course resources

AFT (American Federation of Teachers)
Organizational information; position statements on current issues.

ASCD (Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development)
Professional organization, publishers of Educational Leadership journal; good general source.

ATE (Association of Teacher Educators)
Site of a major professional organization.

U.S. Charter Schools
Profiles of successful schools, state info, technical resources.

Coalition of Essential Schools (CES)
Information on reform efforts of Sizer et al.

Cradleboard Teaching Project
Native American project to relate academic subjects to culture.

Home page of Whittle's for-profit management proposals to administer schools.

Education Finance Statistics Center (EFSC)

Ethics, National Education Association
National code of ethics for the profession.

ETS Education Testing Service

Source for state and federal legal info re schooling. etc.

Homeless Children and Youth Act
Text of the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act.

Legal Information Institute, Cornell
Comprehensive law resource.

NBPTS (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards)

NAME (National Association for Multicultural Education)
Advocacy organization.

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
Statistical compilations available from federal governmentt.

National PTA
Issues of broad interest to families.

National School Boards Association
Coverage of issues from a management perspective.

National Urban League
Advocacy statements on education, etc.

Multicultural education resources.

NEA (National Education Association)
Positions on current issues from professional organization which parallels AFT.

Phi Delta Kappa
Organizational information; also Gallup Poll questions, etc.

Rethinking Schools
Activist positions on current issues.

Scranton School District
Self-explanatory; similar sites of other districts offer board meeting information, etc.

Southern Poverty Law Center
See especially Teaching Tolerance.

Teach For America
Organization which seeks to recruit top liberal arts graduates to teach.

The site of the publication, Teaching Tolerance

U.S. Department of Education

Technical information

APA Publication Manual Frequently Asked Questions
Probably self-explanatory, but more focused on irregularities than on formatting itself.

Online Writing Lab
From Purdue University.

Four NETS for Better Searching
A real time saver!