Mathematics Websites

Links valid as of 3/2015

(When you review sites, remember the intended audience!)

Of special note:

Misunderstood Minds
PBS documentary excerpts related to math learning difficulties.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Site of main professional organization linked to current standards revision.

Pennsylvania Department of Education


General resources

A Plus Math
Varied resources such as (very simple) homework helper.

Historical info; instructions for operations.

Mathematics in Cartography
Relationship of math and maps.

Encouraging Mathematical Thinking
Reflections on classroom discourse.

SOME math, many other aspects in popular, commercial format.

Graphing & Technology Links: HandyGraph
Links for teachers include resources for math education, sites about graphing, and integrating technology.

British site of mathematical enrichment materials.

NASA Quest
Interactive explorations designed to engage students in authentic scienctific and engineering processes.

Nation's Report Card
National Assessment of Educational Progress data in varied subject areas.

Napier Bones
Historical multiplication device.

Number and word puzzles
Mostly computational activities .

Teachers Helping Teachers
International site for pooling expertise on teaching math and other areas.

U.S. Census Bureau
Site with potential for real-world use of large numbers.

Visual Fractions
Pictorial representations for identifying and renaming fractions.

Solutions to math problems.


Technical information

APA Publication Manual Frequently Asked Questions
Probably self-explanatory, but more focused on irregularities than on formatting itself.

Online Writing Lab
From Purdue University.

Four NETS for Better Searching
A real time saver!