C/SDC: Don't Cancel That Class Presentations


Most people experience a bit of difficulty when making the move from high school to college. For some, this adjustment can be overwhelming. This program, designed to be presented early in the semester, will help participants learn to connect with feelings related to changes in their lives and about how others are feeling/coping with their new life. Strategies will include learning how to build on existing strengths as well as develop new skills.

Your Perfect Right to Assertiveness

Participants will be introduced to the different communication patterns of nonassertiveness,assertiveness, and aggressiveness. Through questionnaires and discussion, students will be able to identify their own patterns of communication. In addition, irrational beliefs that keep us from being assertive will be explored.

Don't Panic!

Designed to introduce participants to the human experience of worry/anxiety. Information presented will help participants assess and understand their own personal patterns of worrying as well as learn specific strategies for reducing anxiety.

Techniques for a Calmer Outlook on College Life

College can be both exciting and stressful! Learning how to relax can reduce stress and help you feel better and think more clearly. This program will introduce students to basic relaxation techniques,which can be easily performed in one's daily life.

What Everyone Should Know About Wellness

Participants will be introduced to the concepts of wellness and good health and the challenges of maintaining wellness during college life. Through discussion and personal exploration, students will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses on the personal wellness wheel and establish goals for improving their health.

Body Peace: The Art of Mindful Eating

Many students find themselves in unhealthy relationships with food and are dissatisfied with their bodies. This program provides an introduction to the factors that contribute to body dissatisfaction and disordered eating patterns. Participants will then be introduced to practices that will guide them toward greater body acceptance.

How to Study in Less Time and Do Better

This workshop introduces students to a variety of time management and study techniques including a 7-day study plan and 17 specific ways to improve studying.

Time Management

This workshop introduces students to a variety of time management techniques including the two-week rule and how effective time management improves quality of life.