No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.

-Albert Einstein

Seek the POWer to live life well!

Peers on Wellness programs available to be presented by Counseling Center staff:

Beauty vs. the Beast: Body Size Acceptance

Ever wonder why so many people are unhappy with their bodies? This program combines fun activities with interactive discussion concerning media influences, self-perceptions, and the true definition of “fit.” Your participation will guarantee a more in-depth knowledge of the pressures concerning beauty, health, and healthy eating. Shed your insecurities so you can feel GOOD in your bathing suit!

Too Blessed To Be Stressed: Stress Management

Are you aware of the stressors in your life and how you handle them? This program will revolve around a discussion of stressors, their effects on you, and coping methods. The hour will consist of discussion, activities, and relaxation methods. Come relieve the stress away!

The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Birds & Bees: Social Relationships

Are your relationships good, not so good, or really, really bad? This program comprises interactive discussion and role-playing as we explore the ingredients to healthy relationships. In particular, the importance of effective communication and shared power distribution will be stressed. Skills in assertiveness will be rehearsed. By the end of the hour, you’ll have gained the insight necessary to strengthen the relationships in your life!

The Blame Game: Sexual Assault Prevention

Who is at risk for sexual assault? This program is designed to inform individuals on the potential risks and actions that individuals can face in the event of sexual assault. The discussion focuses on proper consent, sexual assault, rape, and acquaintance rape. The hour will consist of discussion, truths vs. myths, and interactive role-play on ways to protect yourself and become aware of sexual assault!

Watch Your BAC: Alcohol Awareness Does drinking make you a drunk?

This program is designed to inform people about the responsibilities and risks taken when drinking. The discussion focuses on choices, standard drinks, affects on the body, and taking control. The hour will consist of interactive discussions and how to take control!