Don't Cancel That Class

drumcircle Dear faculty, Once again, the Counseling/Student Development Center is offering you the option of “Don’t Cancel That Class”  for this fall semester.  On the day or days that you might be unable to teach your class, rather than cancel it, we are offering you the alternative of our staff and graduate trainees presenting on a variety of general wellness/mental health topics listed below.  If given enough advance notice, the subject matter might be able to be more personalized to accommodate your specific class needs. 

Some examples include: Wellness, Stress Management, Worry & Panic Management, Body Size Acceptance, Sexual Assault Prevention, Healthy Relationships, Study Skills, Time Management, Transitions, Assertiveness, Alcohol Awareness.

If possible, please give a reasonable amount of notice (1-2 weeks) if you know you will be absent ahead of time (i.e.: meetings, conferences, vacations, etc.).  We can not guarantee that we will be available for every request, though we will try hard to fill as many requests as our schedules allow.  

Thank you for this opportunity to meet with more of our Marywood University students and to provide psycho-education regarding mental health, wellness, and life skill development.

Please send us your requests to our general C/SDC email at:, and we will then get back to you.  Please include in your request your class title, classroom location, time and date of your class, year of your students, and number of students in your class.  Thank you!