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Student Research Archive

2012 Student Research

The Effect of Reading Goals on a Cued Recall Task

Student(s): Kaitlyn Fierro, Amanda Cuth and Michaela Cullington

Family-Level Factors of Young Children At-Risk for Being Non-Speaking Using the FACES IV

Student(s): Brittany Mikjalo and Lauren Olsen

Factors that Influence Children's Understanding of Pictoral Representation

Student(s): Kelsey Dunn

Vocal Responses to Facial Emotions

Student(s): Karen Buckley, Christina Dixon and Sydney Pauline

Verbal and Non-Verbal Maternal Interaction Stratgies in Young Children At-Risk for Being Non-Speaking With and Without a Voice Output Communication Aid

Student(s): Katherine DeTurk, Kristen Barilla and Alyssa Davis

The Lexical and Phonological Factors Related to Lexical-Gustatory Synesthesia

Student(s): Karen Buckley, Christina Dixon and Sydney Pauline

Data Organization of Agrammatism Therapies for Different Measures of Expressive Language

Student(s): Alyssa Davis, Mallory Dulsky, Addie Long, Meghin Palmer, Stephanie Zyblut

2011 Student Research

A Meta-Analysis of Single-Subject Treatment Studies for Anomia

Student(s): Danielle Boucher

Theory of Mind Reasoning in People with Aphasia: The role of Language and Executive Functions

Student(s): Elizabeth Schneider

Systemizing, Empathizing, and Theory-of-Mind in Healthy Normal Adults

Student(s): Christina Salvo, Danielle Gerrato, Amanda Petronio, Jenna Beim, Bridget Mileski

2010 Student Research

The Relationship between Autism Quotient and Theory of Mind in Healthy Normal Adults.

Student(s): Emily Degnitz, Abigail Johnson, Bethany Savacool

The Influence of Musical Training on the Phonological Loop and the Central Executive

Student(s): Colleen Meighan, Jillian Gradzki

Semantic vs. Non-Semantic Whole Word Reading Therapy for Pure Alexia: A Case Study

Student(s): Lauren Lettieri

A Meta-Analysis of Therapies for Agrammatism Due to Aphasia.

Student(s): Marilee Sobrinski, Caitlin Donahue


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