CSD Student Research


Research-Baltimore Hemispheric Processing of Iconic and Arbitrary Words: A Line Bisection Study
Student Research: Rachel Panick, Cara Maher, Gabriella Trezza and Brittney Coan


Samantha Michael and Polina Odegova present research The Effect of Music Therapy on the Speech of an Adult with Aphasia
Student Research: Samantha Michael and Polina Odegova
Natalie Turner presents research A Systematic Review of Therapies for Spelling Deficits due to Acquired Agraphia
Student Research: Natalie Turner
present research Sweet Tastes Rounded and Bitter is Angular: Sound and Shape Symbolism in Aphasia
Student Research: Gabriella Trezza, Faith Harrison, Caytie Castells, Vanessa LaTorre


Abigail Nicolas and advisor Dr. Bruce Wisenburn present research A Systematic Review of Reading Therapies for Aphasia Patients
Student Research: Abigail Nicolas
Amelia DeMasi and Dr. Bruce Wisenburn present research in LAC Systematic Review of Treatments for Dysphagia
Student Research: Amelia DeMasi


Affective Theory of Mind May Be Unimpaired in People with Aphasia
Student Research: Brittany Mikajlo
Systematic Review of Auditory Comprehension Therapies for Adults With Aphasia
Student Research: Stephanie Borger, Sydney Kishbaugh, Amy Micklos & Danielle Plunkett
Potential audience effects on Indian English as revealed by judgements of native speakers of American English
Student Research: Kelsey Gallagher, Sarah Walker


Maternal Responsiveness in Social, Familiar, & Unfamiliar Play with & without a BIGmack
Student Research: Brittany Mikajlo, Sydney Kishbaugh, Danielle Plunkett, and Lauren Reiss