Student Research


Samantha Michael and Polina Odegova present research The Effect of Music Therapy on the Speech of an Adult with Aphasia
Student Research: Samantha Michael and Polina Odegova
Natalie Turner presents research A Systematic Review of Therapies for Spelling Deficits due to Acquired Agraphia
Student Research: Natalie Turner
present research Sweet Tastes Rounded and Bitter is Angular: Sound and Shape Symbolism in Aphasia
Student Research: Gabriella Trezza, Faith Harrison, Caytie Castells, Vanessa LaTorre


Abigail Nicolas and advisor Dr. Bruce Wisenburn present research A Systematic Review of Reading Therapies for Aphasia Patients
Student Research: Abigail Nicolas
Amelia DeMasi and Dr. Bruce Wisenburn present research in LAC Systematic Review of Treatments for Dysphagia
Student Research: Amelia DeMasi


Affective Theory of Mind May Be Unimpaired in People with Aphasia
Student Research: Brittany Mikajlo
Systematic Review of Auditory Comprehension Therapies for Adults With Aphasia
Student Research: Stephanie Borger, Sydney Kishbaugh, Amy Micklos & Danielle Plunkett
Potential audience effects on Indian English as revealed by judgements of native speakers of American English
Student Research: Kelsey Gallagher, Sarah Walker


Maternal Responsiveness in Social, Familiar, & Unfamiliar Play with & without a BIGmack
Student Research: Brittany Mikajlo, Sydney Kishbaugh, Danielle Plunkett, and Lauren Reiss
Lessons from the Grande Ronde:A Cultural Perspective
Student Research: Lauren Olsen