CSD: Program Completion Requirements

The program provides academic coursework and clinical experiences that prepare students for entry-level clinical practice in the field of speech-language pathology. In order to complete the program students must meet the following requirements:

Requirements for Graduation

Degree Earned         

M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology

Students must meet all requirements stated in the current Marywood University catalogue. In addition, CSD Department Graduate Program in SLP requirements include:

1.  Complete a minimum of 60 credits in CSD graduate level work according to standards set forth by ASHA

2.  Accrue a minimum of 400 ASHA clinical clock hours, to include 25 directed observation hours under the supervision of ASHA-certified, state-licensed speech-language pathologists/audiologists, according to the current ASHA certification standards (Refer to CSD Formative Assessment Document and http://www.asha.org/certification/2020-slp-certification-standards/#2)

3.  Be admitted to Candidacy (Refer to the current Marywood University catalogue for requirements for "Candidacy Status")

4.  Pass the CSD Graduate Comprehensive Examination, which is given during the final semester of graduate study (e.g., Spring II semester) (Refer to the Marywood University Calendar for scheduled date of the exam)

5.  Register to take the Praxis Examination in SLP in your final semester of graduate study (i.e., Spring II) and have the Marywood University Speech-Language Pathology program listed as a score recipient; Proof of registration is required

6.  Complete a preliminary (as needed) and a final Exit Interview with the Director of the Master's Program in SLP

7.  Complete and return the Exit Interview Survey

8.  Participate in formative assessment and complete the CSD Formative Assessment Document throughout your graduate studies, which will provide evidence of your level of mastery of all required competencies (Student Learning Outcomes-SLOs) in knowledge and skill areas consistent with current ASHA certification standards

9.  Complete the CSD KASA form and any other necessary paperwork for ASHA certification, PA state licensure, and Teacher Certification (as applicable)

10.  Receive final clearance for graduation from the Director of the Master's Program in SLP

Graduate students are required to attend the mandatory Cohort meetings that are held each semester. These meetings are conducted to ensure that students receive pertinent information in a timely and efficient manner. The meetings conducted during the Fall II and Spring II semesters will further discuss the above-mentioned requirements for graduation in greater detail. 

Revised: Fall 2021