CSD Newsletters

CSD Monthly Newsletters

Newsletters are created each month and distributed to the students in the CSD department as well as the faculty and staff.  These newsletters are created by students on the newsletter staff and the advisor.  The various editions of the newsletters give readers important information that is pertinent to the department, club activities, and current events.  There are also fun activities included, such as puzzles, phonetic transcription, and congratulations.  Each month students from each class have a volunteer that writes a brief summary, letting other individuals in the department know what they are experiencing at that time.

Newsletter Editor: Leah Milewski

Newsletter Staff:  Lauren Price, Halle Krosskove, Katie Jeleniewicz, Gabrielle Muschello, Maddison Emma, Nikki Iandanza, Antonia Russo

Newsletter Advisor: Renee Jourdanais MS CCC/SLP


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September 2017 997 kb .pdf


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November/December 2016 961 kb .pdf
October 2016 695 kb .pdf
September 2016 1052 kb .pdf


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December 2015 658 kb .pdf
January/February 2016 741 kb .pdf
March 2016 769 kb .pdf
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