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CSD: Facilities

Centralized Learning Space for CSD Students
The Communication Sciences and Disorders program is organized around a contiguous space in the McGowan Center in the northern section of campus, just steps away from the University student center and main dining facility.
Technology-Ready Classrooms
These traditional learning spaces are equipped with state of the art audio/video systems and flexible learning environments.
Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
The Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic offers therapeutic and diagnostic speech, language, and hearing services for children and adults within the community.
Speech Science/Assistive Technology Lab
This lab contains the Kay Elemetrics Speech Lab as well as augmentative/alternative communication devices to be utilized by students and clients.
Student Personal Space
Communication Sciences and Disorders students have their own clinical preparation room. The graduate students have space for private storage within the clinic area for personal and clinic belongings.
Computer Labs
Students have access to two computer labs in the McGowan Center. Additional computer labs are located throughout campus.
All CSD faculty members' offices, as well as the department support staff, are centrally located adjacent to the program's classroom and clinical spaces in the McGowan Center.
The Atrium Café
Located on the ground floor of the McGowan Center, The Atrium is a convenient, healthy dining option for the busy CSD student.
In the eyes of a...

CSD Freshman

Fall Semester

We have learned about the different causes of speech disorders, and some treatments used to correct them. You will be seeing alot of us freshmen in the clinic shadowing, particularly watching the kids who need articulation therapy. 

- Lauren

Tools of the Trade

Assisted Listening Device (ALD)

An Assistive listening device (ALD) is used to improve hearing ability for people in a variety of situations by amplification and better sound to noise ratio (SNR).

More tools used by CSD professionals »


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