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Graduate Bianca Domahidi & Dr. Patrick Seffrin, Director of Criminal Justice Program


The small classes at Marywood allowed me to get to know my professors one-on-one and made asking for help and guidance much easier. I was not just a face in the crowd but someone they knew well.At Marywood, I was motivated to be the best that I could be. My professors saw potential in me that I did not know was there and they pushed me to accomplish goals I did not think were possible. Without the support and care of all of my professors I would not be where I am today. Marywood's campus is beautiful and quaint. It is small enough that you never feel lost but large enough to feel that there are many things to do and things to see. It is a place that you can feel at home in.  -Bianca Domahidi 

(Left to Right Front Row) - Christopher Cadugan, Garnaweh Nyorkor, William Hammond
(Back Row - left to right) - Victoria Lance, Jason Cortese, Katelyn Fabian, Joshua Bausch, and Dr. Patrick Seffrin.

CJ Graduates

I still have a year to go until I am finished with my Master's degree, so I'm still at Marywood, but during my 4 years of completing my undergrad, I loved the school, faculty, and students. Coming from a small Catholic high school, it was an easy and wonderful transition because everyone in the Marywood community seemed like family. I look forward to my last year. -Natalie Mickavicz

CJ Graduates

Front - Natalie Mickavicz
Back Row (Left to Right) Matthew Tintle, Joshua Soto, Dr. Patrick Seffrin, and Michael Sexton