Criminal Justice: Minors

Forensic Minors

Two new minors in forensics are now available. Both are 18 credits and open to students in any major.

General Forensics

Our General Forensics minor will introduce you to this interdisciplinary field with courses in criminal justice, biology, and psychology. The six required courses are:

  • CJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • BIO/CJ 105 DNA Forensics
  • CJ 220 Law Enforcement
  • CJ 224 Criminal Investigation
  • CJ 322 Criminalistics & the Crime Lab
  • PSY 440 Forensic Psychology
  • Prerequisite: PSY 211 General Pschology

Forensic Accounting

Our Forensic Accounting minor will introduce you to career opportunities investigating tax fraud, money laundering, and illegal international fund transfers . The six required courses are:

  • CJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJ 224 Criminal Investigation
  • BUS 130 Accounting Principles I & II
  • BUS 331 Intermediate Accounting I
  • BUS 332 Intermediate Accounting II
  • BUS 433 Auditing Principles & Procedures

More information about the Forensic Minor requirements is available in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Criminal Justice & Spanish minor/or double major

As a Criminal Justice Major, you recognize the importance of knowing Spanish but perhaps have not given serious thought to sharpening your language skills.  Anyone who is willing to work hard and determined to succeed can learn to speak Spanish.  The on-line listening and grammar activities which accompany many textbooks, enhance comprehension and remediate individual weaknesses.  Study abroad is also a perfect complement to classroom learning.   There are excellent summer or semester sessions abroad, so pick a country, study hard and you can come back understanding and speaking Spanish.  Now apply for that job well prepared to perform! Learn more about this program.