About Our Counseling Program

"I feel that the faculty cohesiveness at Marywood is very strong and this helps provide the students with a sense of unified support. This also modeled for the students how to work together as a team in an effective manner."

-2014 graduate

Counseling Program

The Marywood University Counseling Program is a nationally accredited counselor preparation and training program offering two 60-credit degree programs – School and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. 

Our rigorous curriculum is based on experimental learning, a strong emphasis on clinical skills, and a focus on leadership, diversity, advocacy, and collaboration.

Students graduate from both programs:


With high expectations, options to tailor learning, and many service and professional development opportunities, students are prepared to enter the counseling profession and make the largest impact on clients.

Proud of Their Profession

Our program emphasizes the importance of well trained, compassionate professional counselors and the crucial work they do.  Students are taught to embrace their professional identity and become skilled at sharing the value of counseling with other community partners.


It is important that our students are excited about the field of professional counseling and their ability to support healing, empowerment, and wellness in clients.