In addition to the right-hand column, this is another good place for links to documents, forms, and related pages on Marywood's website.


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This area on your home page should be reserved for new content, updates, and other important information. Across the web, this has become the most common spot for news, popular links, and calls to action. This is a good place to put department announcements and links to frequently downloaded forms.

Program Overview

In just a few sentences, offer a general overview of your program as an introduction for prospective students who are interested in your program but may not know very much about it. Try to highlight the most important and unique aspects of your program. EXAMPLE

Program Highlights

  • In a bulleted list, summarize the information contained in the rest of your site. EXAMPLE
  • You may want to highlight your undergraduate and graduate program offerings, accreditations, facilities, student clubs and organizations, and other things that make your program unique.
  • Think of these bullet points as reasons why a student might pick your program over similar programs at other colleges and universities.
  • Where appropriate, offer text links to other pages with additional information.
  • Include no more than six bulleted items.