Alumni Association Board

Marywood University Alumni

The Marywood Alumni Board represents 30,000 alumni in every state and more than 30 countries. We're proud of our work to better connect you to your alma mater and Marywood's current students

Board Member Position Description

Upcoming Meetings TBD

If you have any questions about the MAA Board, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at


Scott Weiland Scott J. Weiland, Ph.D. '10

First Vice-President

pacer head Stephen Stahl '07

Second Vice-President

freeman portrait Leigh Farrar-Freeman Ph.D. '09


Bernice Simoncic Lukus Bernice Simoncic Lukus '71


Kathleen Clancy, IHM Kathleen Clancy, IHM '79, '93

Ann Conflitti '96, M.S. '05 Ann Conflitti '96, M.S. '05

gerard rotunda behind glass Catherine Caterino Gerard '70

Leander Hall Uvary '99, M.S.W. '03 Leander Hall Uvary '99, M.S.W. '03

Bill Hines '82 Bill Hines '82

Joe Hunt '17 Joe Hunt '17, MBA '18

MaryCarol Tighe Kanton rotunda behind glass Mary Carol Tighe Kanton (Director Emerita) '64, M.S. '71

Jeffrey Kovaleski  '98, M.S. '03 Jeffrey R. Kovaleski '98, M.S. '03

Sister Kathryn Kurdziel rotunda behind glass Sister Kathryn Kurdziel IHM '68

Michelle Leggat Summers '00 Michelle Leggat Summers (Past President) '00

lukus rotunda behind glass Bernice Simoncic Lukus '71

Arthur Arthur "Chip" McElroy '98, M.F.A. '01

murphy portrait Tiffany LaToya Murphy '15

nunnari portrait outside Irene Walsh Nunnari (Director Emerita) Ph.D. '63

Dr. Christine Plonski Sezer Dr. Christine Plonski Sezer '68

Deborah Pride Deborah Pride '13

Claire Ralph Borda '78 Claire Ralph Borda '78

Samantha Roos-Meiser Samantha Roos-Meiser '01

carol scimalli headshot Carol Mancini Scrimalli '80

shuta portrait Barbara Spellman Shuta (Director Emerita) '68