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Kathleen O'Gorman, Ph.D. '73

Kathleen O'Gorman raises awareness at border

Class of 1973

(Submitted on: November 15, 2019)

Kathleen O’Gorman, Ph.D. '73 was among several volunteers who visited a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing and detention center, documenting the conditions they found and raising awareness of what they saw.

O’Gorman and her peers' experiences were detailed in a recent article The Chronicle of Higher Education, "The Witnesses."

In Texas, a cohort of scholars were there to document, but the desperation they witnessed hit parts of them that lay deeper than their academic personas. It would force them to decide: Should they act?

The full story can be found online on The Chronicle of Higher Education.

O'Gorman received her BA in English from Marywood in 1973. She currently teaches at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Kathleen O'Gorman raises awareness at border