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Annmarie Sanders Edited and contributed a chapter to this book

Class of 1982

(Submitted on: November 19, 2018)

Sister Annmarie Sanders, IHM ’82, Director of Communications for the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), edited and contributed a chapter to this book, which details what was learned by LCWR during a six-year crisis (2009-2015). A high-ranking and very powerful Vatican office suddenly and very publicly confronted the organization with forceful questions and negative assumptions about the foundation of the lives of Catholic sisters. The conflict grew more intense midway through those years.

The Vatican office threatened the autonomy and even the existence of the conference, an organization on which the great majority of US Catholic sisters rely for many kinds of resources, supports, and connections. The experience rocked LCWR’s officers, its hundreds of members, and the approximately 60,000 sisters who belonged to member congregations at that time. Yet, the ultimate resolution benefitted everyone. How did that happen? However Long the Night answers that question.

The book not only explains how the organization worked through a very difficult situation, but it provides spiritual grounding, useful information, as well as inspiration and hope to anyone working through a situation of conflict, polarization, or even impasse in their own personal, professional, family, community, neighborhood, or organizational settings. Readers will see how these women handled the challenges that confront any leaders in crises—what goals to pursue, what overall strategies to use, when to share or withhold information within the organization and with the public, how to find or create a solution. They will also see how they called on rich spiritual and cultural traditions.

The formal methods, processes, and practices used are readily translatable for use in other communities and organizations. These learnings are practical options that may help others to create new and better realities in their own parts of the world. However Long the Night is available on in both Kindle and paperback formats.

Annmarie Sanders Edited and contributed a chapter to this book