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Alexis Palys '21

Alexis Palys is embracing a career in web development

Class of 2021

(Submitted on: August 10, 2021)

Alexis Palys ’21 strives to be a leader in every aspect of her life.

If you’ve visited campus for an event or watched a virtual one recently, odds are you would have seen Palys at the forefront. Palys held several leadership positions in Alpha Sigma Psi - a sorority on campus and Student Government Association (SGA.) This dedication to leadership culminated in Palys serving as SGA President during her junior and senior years.

Palys said the roles provided her with several opportunities that she otherwise may not have had.

“(The SGA presidency) really shaped a lot of my time at Marywood. I had a lot of opportunities and things that I got to pursue through Student Government that I know a lot of my friends at other institutions or even my friends on campus didn’t have the same opportunities. So, I think I owe a lot of my success as a person to that position, my advisors, and the people I got to work with,” said Palys.

Now graduated with a computer science degree, Palys is employed by Petroleum Service Company - a family-owned business in Wilkes-Barre. Palys said the experience of having to balance SGA responsibilities with her academic pursuits has prepared her well for the multi-faceted world of web development.

“For my time management, (being involved) helped me. I was able to budget my time like ‘if I want to go to this meeting - and I do - I need to have X, Y, and Z done.’ I was able to use it as an incentive to get all my other work done and stay on track.”

Palys certainly did stay on track all the way to being named the recipient of the Dolores Ackourey Medal for Excellence in Leadership and Human Relations.

As you may have guessed, Palys describes herself as someone who “can’t easily sit around.”

As it turns out, that’s perfect for her new role, in which she says there’s always something to keep you on your toes.

“Part of the reason why I love what I do is web development, computer security, and computer science - that’s a constantly growing and evolving field every day. I really love that I do still get to learn every day at my job. It can be tricky sometimes because things go out of date so quickly… but I love that it’s not a dull thing.”

In addition to the constant education that goes with the position, Palys also enjoys the variety of tasks she’s able to perform including coding, upkeep of company sites, design and even building a site from scratch.

“One thing I love about web development is that it’s kind of in-between (coding and creative,) so that matches it and blends it perfectly for me,” said Palys.

As for her future plans, Palys said she has fallen in love with the Scranton area but has always had an eye to Washington, D.C. to work for the U.S Government.

“My lifelong goal has always been to work for the government in some capacity. A reach goal for me would be the CIA or FBI.”

Despite those aspirations, Palys said she’s happy in her current position and doesn’t plan on leaving NEPA anytime soon. She also noted she’d like to return to school for her master’s degree in cybersecurity but is looking forward to some time off from school and just going with the flow.

“I’m just waiting to see where life takes me. I feel like the past six months have been so crazy, and I never expected to be where I am now,” said Palys.

Alexis Palys is embracing a career in web development