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President's Council

Purpose & Function:

The President’s Council was established to facilitate improved communication and sharing of information among all constituencies, to provide education on topics of importance to the community for advocacy and for strategy.  Consisting of the following administrators/officers, the purpose of the Council is to report what transpired at the meetings to the members of their respective departments to ensure that both a vertical and horizontal flow of communication will take place throughout the community.  Planning will be a strong component of this Council’s work.

Membership & Selection:

President of the University (Chair)
Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer
Vice President for University Advancement
Vice President for Enrollment Services and Student Success
Academic Deans
Assistant Vice President for Buildings and Grounds
Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Assistant Vice President for Student Success
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Associate Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Chief Information Officer
Controller and Assistant Treasurer
Director of Athletics and Recreation
Director of Conference and Event Services
Director of Diversity
Director of Library Services
Director of Mission and Campus Ministry
Senior Director of University Admissions
President of the Faculty Senate
President of the Professional Staff Senate
President of the Support Staff Senate
University Secretary and General Counsel


All members are ex officio.


The President’s Council will usually meet once monthly at the call of the President of the University.

Reports To:

President of the University


11/29/16 – The President of the University established this Committee effective January 2017 in the SRA Report: Final 29 November 2016.