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President's Recognition Committee

Purpose & Function:

The President’s Recognition Committee serves to screen nominations for recognition opportunities received by the University. 

The Committee will, upon completion of screening of nomination to ensure compliance with University policies, recommend to the Board of Trustees individuals or entities for recognition opportunities of Campus Facilities and/or Programs.

Membership & Selection:

President of the University (Chair)
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice President for Business Affairs
Vice President for University Advancement
Vice President for Enrollment Services and Student Success
Academic Dean (when academic areas are affected)


All members are ex officio.


Meetings are held at the call of the President.

Reports To:

President of the University.


02/13/13Established by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University.
08/01/14 - Title changed from Vice President for Student Life to Vice President for Enrollment Services and Student Success