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Website Management Committee

Purpose & Function:

The Website Management Committee provides organizational guidance for the University’s website, enabling the University to present a comprehensive, branded, consistent, user-centered, and interactive experience.  The committee

  • focuses on technological and educational web resources that support the student experience while reflecting the Mission and Core Values of the University;
  • develops protocols, procedures, and presentation formats for all departmental websites;
  • assures a quality experience for the Marywood University community, its off-campus constituents, and other visitors to the website;
  • attends to emerging interactive opportunities, with a view to moving the University forward in an increasingly competitive environment.

Membership & Selection:

Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Director of Web Development
Web Content Director
Representative of Academic Affairs
Representative of Business Affairs
Representative of Student Life
Representative of University Advancement
Representative of Enrollment Management

The Chair is appointed by the President of the University.

Representatives are appointed by the Vice Presidents of their respective areas.


Representatives – three years with possibility of reappointment.


At least four times per year.

Reports To:

President of the University


07/09/09 - Approved by the President of the University
10/07/09 - Revision of third function approved by the President of the University
02/24/10 - Director of Web Services added to the memberhip
03/08/12 - Director of Web Services removed from the membership
07/01/13 - Title change to Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications