University Standing Committees

Undergraduate Admissions Committee

Purpose & Function

The Undergraduate Admissions Committee advises the Director of University Admissions regarding:

  • continuing studies of standards of admission;
  • admission of those who show evidence of meeting academic standards and who show promise of making a satisfactory adjustment to Marywood University;
  • admission of a sufficient number of qualified students to allow for proposed enrollments;
  • progress toward recruitment goals and strategies to achieve them.


Position Titles of Members on this USC

Director of Undergraduate Admissions (Chair)
Associate Director of Admissions for Recruitment
Two faculty members from each college

Non-voting resource persons: Undergraduate Admissions counselors.

Method of Selection of Members

Faculty members are appointed by their respective deans.

Selection of Chair and Vice or Co-Chair

The Director of Undergraduate Admissions is the Chair of this University Standing Committee.


Faculty members - two years with possibility of reappointment.  Unlimited terms, with no one-year hiatus.


Meetings are called by the Director of University Admissions, usually twice per month.

Documentation Requirements for this University Standing Committee

As provided in the University Standing Committee Policy, the Chair(s) of this University Standing Committee, in collaboration with the Office of the Secretary of the University and General Counsel, must provide the following documentation at the end of each Academic Year: 

Annual Report:            ☒Yes   ☐ No

Minutes of Meetings:   ☒Yes   ☐ No

Reports To

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success

    11/15/02 - Revision approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
    03/01/08 - Title change to Vice President for Enrollment Management
    05/06/08 - Title change to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    06/24/10 - Director of 101 deleted from membership because program is closing
    07/01/11 - Title change to Vice President for Academic Affairs
    09/09/13 - Title changes approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
    08/25/14 - Vice Presidential reporting authority changed from Vice President for Academic Affairs to Vice President for Enrollment Services and Student Success
    09/13/21 – Added Document Requirements Section to Description, clarified Terms, as approved by the Director of Undergraduate Admissions.