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Technology Advisory Committee

Purpose & Function:

The Technology Advisory Committee is the primary planning group for campus-level technology including but not limited to the integrated campus network and infrastructure, campus-wide information resources available with the infrastructure, technology for new buildings and renovations and related activities. It acts as the primary governance structure for advising Marywood University on the business and academic value of all information technology projects, the cost of implementation, and the impact to the resources of the University.

The Committee advises the President of the University on areas relating to the acquisition and maintenance of campus-level technology resources. The major areas of responsibility are

  • to develop long-range plans for maintaining and updating technology with an annual recommendation;
  • to document existing technology as support for decisions at the executive level;
  • to review and make recommendations of technology acquisitions and activities across offices;
  • to advise on the feasibility and appropriateness of acquiring new technology;
  • to plan for the integration of externally funded resources with existing technical functionality to maximize effective use of the University technology infrastructure.

The framework for this information technology governance is to provide a mechanism for the review and advisement on Information Technology projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Adequate planning has been provided for and communicated to the constituency being affected; also, that the constituency has communicated to project planners.
  • A strategic and tactical planning process has been followed that supports the strategic plan of the University.
  • Compliance and control processes of the project are being met.
  • Assurance that risks have been identified and mitigated.
  • Assurance that identified variances from the plan are corrected.

Membership & Selection:

Chief Information Officer (Chair with vote only in case of a tie)
Assistant Vice President for Building and Grounds
Chair of the Academic Computing Advisory Committee
Director of Network and Systems Administration Services
Director of Web Development
Director of Library Services
Manager of Academic Computing
Director of User Support Services
Manager of Application Programming
President of the Faculty Senate
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice President for Business Affairs
Vice President for Student Life
Vice President for University Advancement
Vice President for Enrollment Management
One full-time faculty member from each college
One representative of the School of Architecture
One undergraduate student
One graduate student

Faculty members are elected from the full-time faculty members of their colleges. The coordination of the elections is managed by the Dean's office of each college.

The undergraduate student is appointed by the Executive Board of the Student Government Association in consultation with the Vice President for Student Life.

The graduate student is appointed by the President of the Graduate Student Council in consultation with the Vice President for Student Life.


Faculty - three years with possibility of reelection
Students - one year with possibility of reappointment


Meetings are held at least six times a year, three in the fall semester and three in the spring semester.

Reports To:

President of the University


11/06/98 - Established as a University Standing Committee by the President of the University as recommended by the College Committee on Policy
11/05/02 - Revision approved by the President of the University
08/08/02 - The Telecommunications Manager was added to the membership by the President of the University
05/10/05 - One undergraduate student and one graduate student were added to the membership by the President of the University.
07/08/05 - Title changed from Assistant to the President for Planning and Research to Chief Planning and Research Officer
09/19/07 - Title changed from Coordinator of Networking to Director of Network Services.
05/02/08 - Title change to Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs for Technology
05/02/08 - Title change to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
12/05/08 - Revision approved by the President of the University
06/22/10 - Title Technical Director removed from the membership
07/01/11 - Title changed from Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs to Vice President for Academic Affairs