University Standing Committees

Mission Integration Committee

Purpose & Function

The Mission Integration Committee assists the Marywood community to create a mission-driven environment by

  • promoting integration of the Marywood mission and core values into the everyday life of the University;
  • providing ongoing mission-related orientation to administrators, faculty and staff members, and students;
  • participating in orientation of new hires to the mission and core values of the University;
  • immersing the Marywood community in the heritage and mission of the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary;
  • assisting administrators, faculty and staff members in nurturing, advancing, and passing on the legacy of the founding Sisters of IHM to future generations;
  • assisting in developing leaders who will carry forward the Catholic identity, mission and values of Marywood.


The Committee consists of not fewer than ten persons from the Marywood University Community. The membership is made up of at least one representative of every presidential and vice presidential area and should include

  • at least one representative of the full-time Faculty;
  • at least one representative of the Administrative or Professional Staff;
  • at least one representative of the Support Staff;
  • at least one representative of each college;
  • at least one member of the IHM Congregation serving at the University;
  • at least one student;


The Chair and the Vice Chair are appointed by the President of the University.

Other representatives are appointed by the Chair of the Committee with the approval of their respective vice presidents.


Students - one year with possibility of reappointment
Other representatives - three years with possibility of reappointment

The terms of the Chair and the Vice Chair are for three years with the possibility of reappointment.


Meetings are called by the Chair at least three times a year.

Reports To

President of the University

    03/20/09 - Established by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University
    11/02/20 – Deleted the word “school” from the sentence “at least one representative of each college and school” to align with the recent restructuring of the colleges