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Commencement and Academic Convocations Committee

Purpose & Function:

The Commencement and Academic Convocations Committee

  • plans and coordinates the University's commencement exercises,
  • assists the colleges with commencement related activities,
  • coordinates special academic convocations and celebrations upon request,
  • acts as a communication forum for related issues,
  • solves related logistical concerns,
  • makes related recommendations.

Membership & Selection:

Membership is drawn as the need arises from support services, campus ministry, grounds, maintenance, technology services, student activities, disability advisement, security, public relations, physical plant and the special events office.

The Chair of the committee is appointed by the President of the University.


The Chair appoints members as the need arises.


Meetings are held at the call of the Chair.

Reports To:

President of the University


2/02/03 - Established as a University Standing Committee by the President of the University