Arboretum Committee

Purpose & Function:

The Arboretum Committee

  • makes recommendations for the ongoing physical enhancement of the Marywood University Arboretum;
  • concerns itself with the development of educational programs for students and others in the community;
  • promotes the Arboretum at Marywood University as a living example of responsible stewardship to the world in which we live.

Membership & Selection:

One faculty member from the Science Department
One representative from the Grounds staff
One representative from Corporate and Foundation Relations
One representative from University Relations
Arboretum pagemaster
One student from the Pugwash student organization
Three other members from among faculty, students, and staff

Appointments are made at the invitation of the Vice President for Business Affairs with advice from cognizant administrators.


Faculty and Staff - three years with possibility of reappointment
Student - one year with possibility of reappointment


Meetings are usually held monthly.

Reports To:

Vice President for Business Affairs


11/08/02 - Established as a University Standing Committee by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University
11/09/09 - Term of faculty and staff members changed from two years to three years by the Vice President for Business Affairs.
02/03/10 - Time of meetings change to monthly.