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Instructional Effectiveness Committee

Purpose & Function:

The committee is concerned with enhancing the instructional effectiveness of the faculty at Marywood University. This covers a broad range of topics, such as (but not limited to) student-teacher evaluations, grading effectiveness, and the use of technology in the classroom. The committee’s objectives are as follows:

1)      Each semester the IEC invites the faculty to participate in a session regarding a topic concerning teaching effectiveness. The goal of the session is to assist faculty with their teaching duties to empower themselves and their students to achieve their full potential as members of an academic community.

2)      The IEC provides organization, implementation, monitoring, and assessment for the Faculty Peer Review Program. 

3)      The IEC communicates and provides input as needed to related committees that focus on faculty needs, such as Greater Expectations or the Teaching Evaluation Form Committee.

Membership & Selection:

Two faculty members from each college

          One faculty member from the School of Architecture

One faculty librarian

          Four faculty members at large


Appointed by the Deans and Director of Library Services for two years with potential for one additional two year term.

At-Large faculty members appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, in collaboratin with the Deans, for two years with potential for one additional two year term.


Meetings are held at least three times per semester.

Reports To:

Vice President for Academic Affairs.


04/22/10 - The President of the University approved the recommendation of the Policy Committee of the University to delte this Committee as a University Standing Committee.
05/16/13-Approved/re-established as a Standing Committee by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University.
06/27/13 - Membership revision approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs of appointment responsibility of At-Large faculty representatives to be changed from Deans to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.